M1 Kliniken AG acquires shares of HAEMATO AG

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M1 Kliniken AG acquires ca. 48% of the shares of HAEMATO AG - transfer of the shares in a capital increase against contribution in kind of M1 Kliniken AG

Berlin, 10.06.2020 - The management boards of M1 Kliniken AG and MPH Health Care AG today signed an agreement for the acquisition of all 11,011,977 HAEMATO AG shares owned by MPH Health Care AG by M1 Kliniken AG. MPH Health Care AG is transferring the shares of HAEMATO  AG to M1 Kliniken AG within the framework of a capital increase through contribution in kind. For this purpose, the Management Board of M1 Kliniken AG today resolved, with the approval of the Supervisory Board, to increase the company's share capital by EUR 2,143,403.00 to EUR 19,643,403.00 by issuing 2,143,403 new shares of M1 Kliniken AG through a capital increase against contribution in kind, excluding the subscription rights of shareholders, using the existing authorised capital. The new shares will be subscribed exclusively by MPH Health Care AG. The contribution in kind will be made with effect from 1.07.2020.

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