M1 Kliniken AG publishes preliminary figures for the 2022

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Profitable revenue growth in the Beauty segment of more than 14%; increase in EBIT margin in the Beauty segment from 9.8% to around 12%; Group equity rises to €143.1 million; free cash flow of €19.0 million.

  • Strong sales growth in the Beauty segment from €52.8 million to €60.2 million.
  • Eight locations opened in four countries: a total of 54 M1-locations in eight countries by the end of 2022.
  • Successful start of expansion in Eastern Europe - Budapest reaches break-even after six months.
  • Turnover in the "Retail" segment falls as expected by 14% to 225.0 million euros.
  • Pre-tax result amounts to €10.2 million.

Berlin, 20.04.2023 –M1 Kliniken AG (ISIN: DE000A0STSQ8) publishes preliminary figures for the financial year 2022. In the past financial year, the M1 Group was able to further expand its market position in the field of beauty medicine and opened eight new specialist medical centres in Germany and abroad.

Sales in the "Beauty" segment rose by 14.1% to over €60.2 million (previous year: €52.8 million). The EBIT margin in this segment increased from 9.8% (€5.15 million) in the previous year to 11.7% (€7.03 million). The domestic Beauty locations were able to increase the EBIT margin even more significantly from 12.2% to 18.3% and increase their operating result from €6.2 million to €9.4 million.

Six additional locations were opened abroad last year. The foreign beauty subsidiaries, some of which were still affected by the after-effects of the Corona pandemic, generated an operating loss of €2.4 million (previous year €1.0 million). New location openings, especially abroad, are initially characterised by the successive development of the brand and regular customers and usually take around 24 months to break even. In the new location in Budapest (Hungary), break-even was reached after only six months following the opening in September 2022. Turnover in the foreign locations increased from €5.8 million in the previous year to €8.6 million in the 2022 financial year.

The approval of an own botulinum toxin in the private label segment continues to progress according to plan. The application to conduct a clinical trial was submitted to the competent authorities at the end of January 2023.

The consolidated group turnover of the M1 Group decreased by around 9% to €285.3 million in the 2022 financial year (previous year €314.6 million). The reason for this is the 14.0% decline in sales in the Trading segment (€225.0 million; previous year €261.8 million) due to a reduced business volume with COVID-19 diagnostics as a result of the successive decline in pandemic-related testing obligations as well as continued portfolio optimisation, in which certain products with too low a margin was adjusted.

The operating profit 2022 (EBIT) of the M1 Group amounts to €9.3 million (previous year €12.1 million). Earnings before taxes amount to €10.2 million in the 2022 financial year (€14.4 million in the previous year).

The financial result fell from €2.3 million (2021) to €0.9 million. This is due to lower income from investments and lower write-ups from the fair value measurement of financial assets compared to the previous year.

Equity increased by €3.2 million to €143.1 million as of 31 December 2022 (previous year €139.9 million). The equity ratio increased to 72.6% (previous year 70.6%).

In the 2022 financial year, a high operating cash flow of €20.8 million was again generated (previous year €15.7 million). The free cash flow, taking into account payments for investments, amounts to €19.0 million (previous year €14.3 million).

In 2023, process optimisation and digitalisation as well as further profitable sales growth in the domestic locations will be further advanced. The number of M1 locations is expected to increase by six to 60 locations in a total of 10 countries.

In the coming weeks, the expansion in Eastern Europe will continue with the opening of specialist centres in Sofia (Bulgaria) and Bucharest (Romania). In Eastern Europe, M1 benefits from lower material and personnel costs while maintaining high price levels for high-quality medical beauty treatments.

It is planned to operate between 75-100 locations by 2025. The Beauty segment is expected to generate an EBIT margin of at least 20%.

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