Management Board confirms growth targets

As announced on 20 June 2024, Management Board member Attila Strauss has sold part of his stake in M1 Kliniken AG (ISIN: DE000A0STSQ8) for personal financial reasons. Mr Strauss continues to hold a tangible stake of over 2.3% in M1 Kliniken AG.

Attila Strauss emphasises: "I understand that such sales can lead to uncertainty and want to assure you that my commitment and belief in the company and the investment is unwavering and long term. I firmly believe that M1 Med Beauty has excellent growth opportunities in the global beauty market. Our latest business figures and forecasts remain strong, with planned sales growth of up to 30% and an increase in EBIT of up to 40% in 2024. Our strategy and strong market position give me great confidence in the future. Together with our dedicated team, we will continue to work on developing M1 Med Beauty into the world's leading private provider of beauty treatments."

The Group's medium-term forecast envisages that M1 will operate a total of 150 to 200 specialist medical centres for aesthetic medicine by the end of 2029. The Beauty segment should thus generate revenue of between EUR 200 and 300 million with an EBIT margin of at least 20 %. To put this into perspective: in 2023, the Beauty segment generated revenue of around EUR 70.8 million with 58 locations.

About M1 Kliniken AG

M1 Kliniken AG is the leading fully integrated provider of aesthetic medical healthcare services in Europe. The Group offers products and services of the highest quality standards in the aesthetic and surgical fields. Beauty medical treatments are currently offered at 62 specialist centres under the "M1 Med Beauty" brand. With six operating rooms and 35 beds, the “M1 Schlossklinik” for Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery in Berlin is one of the largest and most modern facilities of its kind in Europe. M1 Kliniken has been driving forward its internationalisation since the end of 2018 and is currently represented in ten countries.

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