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M1 Kliniken AG publishes preliminary figures for fiscal year 2019: Net income increases by almost 50 %

  • Group sales rose by 18 % to Euro 77.2 million
  • Consolidated net income for the year increases by 47 % to Euro 9.7 million
  • Proposal for the appropriation of profits: Balance sheet profit to be carried forward to secure the financing of growth
  • Outlook 2020: Continuation of the growth path. Temporary burden of closure of clinics and practices – rapid capacity utilization expected after reopening

Berlin, 15.04.2020 – M1 Kliniken AG (ISIN: DE000A0STSQ8) publishes preliminary figures for the financial year 2019. In the past financial year, the M1 Group further strengthened its market leadership in Germany in the field of beauty medicine and accelerated its international expansion.

The M1 Group was able to increase consolidated group sales by 18% to Euro 77.2 million (previous year: Euro 65.2 million) in fiscal year 2019. Sales in the core segment “Beauty” rose by almost 35% compared to the previous year, retail sales increased by almost 5%.

Despite the start-up costs for the establishment of new locations, training and further education of its more than 90 doctors at the ‘M1 Akademie’, the operating profit (EBIT) increased again in 2019 and grew slightly disproportionate to Euro 7.9 million (+22% compared to the previous year). Earnings before taxes rose from Euro 8.1 million to Euro 12.7 million. This includes a strong financial result of Euro 4.8 million from the investment of existing liquidity. Consolidated net income for the year increased by 47 % to Euro 9.7 million (previous year: Euro 6.6 million). M1 has thus improved earnings per share to Euro 0.56 (previous year: Euro 0.38).

The equity ratio remains at a very high level of just under 74% – but below the previous year’s figure due to the effects of the first-time application of IFRS 16 regulations. The operating cash flow amounted to Euro -5.4 million due to the strong growth of investments.

At the end of the year, M1 decided to focus the scope of the treatment areas. This led to an acceleration of the roll-out of laser equipment in additional beauty centres, while the range of dental treatments is to be focused on selected locations.

According to current planning, the Management Board expects to continue the company’s growth path in 2020, although a precise forecast cannot be made due to the unclear effects of the Covid 19 pandemic. The main focus of M1’s business activities in the current year will be the opening of new specialist centres in Germany and abroad. Management continues to plan to operate a total of 100 specialist centres for aesthetic medicine by the end of 2023 (status at the end of 2019: 36).

Due to the drastic developments since mid-March of the current financial year, the Management Board will propose to the Annual General Meeting that the net profit shall be carried forward. This is intended to secure the company’s liquidity to finance further growth.

The 2019 annual report of M1 Kliniken AG is expected to be published on 20 May 2020.

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