M1 Kliniken AG: Number of treatments increase in Q3-2020

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M1 Kliniken AG: Number of treatments increase by almost 20% in Q3-2020. Comprehensive hygiene concept ensures continuation of treatment activities.

Berlin, 4.11.2020 – In contrast to the worsening pandemic situation, M1 Kliniken AG continues to record strong demand. The number of injection treatments and surgical treatments performed in the German market in the 3rd quarter of 2020 rose by almost 20% year-on-year to over 65,000. The international locations are also expanding their market position and were able to significantly increase the number of treatments. In the 3rd quarter of 2020, a further practice was opened in Austria (Graz).

M1 Kliniken AG expects the positive development to continue in the 4th quarter 2020. To date, the company is not affected by the current lock-down arrangements and treatments will continue on the basis of a comprehensive hygiene concept. The Australian centers resumed operations at the end of October after a lock-down of more than three months. The high expectations for the restart were more than exceeded. In addition, the first practice in Eastern Europe (Zagreb/Croatia) was opened at the end of October 2020.

For the further expansion of the practice network, M1 Kliniken AG is closely monitoring the local pandemic developments. For the time being, no further international projects will be started and a sustained decline in the number of corona cases will be awaited. In the German market, four new locations are currently being developed in cities without M1 presence. M1 is also recruiting new doctors to further expand treatment capacities.

In addition, M1 has been involved in COVID19 testing since mid-year. Between July and October 2020, more than 25,000 test samples have been taken for corporate customers. A first COVID test centre in Berlin for "walk-in testing" as a prototype for further locations in Germany was opened in early November 2020.

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