Transfer of "M1 Aesthetics GmbH" to HAEMATO AG

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M1 Kliniken AG disposes subsidiary "M1 Aesthetics GmbH" to HAEMATO AG – Transfer of the holding of the company within the scope of a capital increase in kind of HAEMATO AG

Berlin, 15.12.2020 - M1 Kliniken AG and HAEMATO AG today signed a contract for the acquisition of all shares in M1 Aesthetics GmbH by HAEMATO AG. M1 Kliniken AG will contribute M1 Aesthetics GmbH to HAEMATO AG within the scope of a capital increase through contribution in kind. For this purpose, the Management Board of HAEMATO AG decided today with the approval of the Supervisory Board to increase the company's share capital by EUR 2,467,201 to EUR 4,753,916 by issuing 2,467,201 new shares of HAEMATO AG through a capital increase against contribution in kind under exclusion of the subscription right of the shareholders by using the existing authorised capital. The new shares will be subscribed and taken over exclusively by M1 Kliniken AG. The transaction will be implemented with effect from 1.01.2021. After completion of the transaction, M1 Kliniken AG will hold a total of 75.8% of the share capital of HAEMATO AG.

With this transaction, M1 Kliniken AG is pursuing its strategy to focus the company on the beauty treatment business, which began in mid-2020, while the trading and product business will be bundled in the subsidiary HAEMATO AG. In addition the combination of the product and trading activities of M1 Aesthetics under the umbrella of HAEMATO AG, it is the long-term strategy of the M1 Kliniken Group to increase the vertical integration of its own activities. To this end, it is intended to establish a selection of high-quality treatment products (hyaluronic acid and botulinum toxin) as a "M1 private label" in the medium term and thereby strengthen the earning power, especially in the entry-level price segment.

Dr. Walter von Horstig, Member of the Board of Directors of M1 Kliniken AG, comments on the transaction as follows: "The implementation of our strategy "Quality does not have to be expensive" repeatedly calls for the development of value creation potential. Our long-term private label strategy will be an important element in this respect in the future. Favourable prices mean a larger market with simultaneously rising margins from the various stages of the value chain. HAEMATO AG's established development platform is an ideal starting point for this and will help us to implement the strategy quickly and securely".

M1 Aesthetics GmbH was valued on the basis of an IDW-S1 expert opinion with an enterprise value of a good € 58 million. The new HAEMATO shares were issued at a reference price of €23.55 per share, which corresponds to the volume-weighted average price of HAEMATO AG in the Xetra trading system in the period from 27.11.2020 to 9.12.2020.

In 2019 M1 Aesthetics GmbH reported sales of about 51 million Euro and an EBIT of almost 7 million Euro. For 2020, M1 Aesthetics GmbH is expecting sales of a good EUR 30 million and an EBIT of approximately EUR 4 million - also due to corona effects, among other things. A further increase in earnings is expected in the coming years.

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